Alphacool Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 Announced For Radeon VII

Alphacool has announced a new AiO, the Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 which will be compatible with AMD’s flagship graphics card, the Radeon VII. The Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 is built with longevity and performance in mind, utilizing Alphacool’s DC-LT pump, modular components, a 240mm radiator, and high-end materials.

Constructed fully of pure copper, the Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 is a much more efficient option than other competing aluminum products. The Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 features a hybrid cooling design. The copper cold plate makes direct contact to the Vega 20 GPU die and HBM while the VRM and other components are cooled by large copper fins in a passive configuration. The Eisworld GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 is shipped with a backplate as well, allowing additional cooling improvements while providing aesthetic value.

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Built using the Alphacool DC-LT, vibrations, and noise levels are reduced to a minimum. The DC-LT has been consistently developed and optimized for years, ensuring the reliability and long-term performance of your Radeon VII. The DC-LT is also quite small, making it useful for compact loops while retaining a head pressure of .85m.

The Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 has been designed to be modular, allowing the coupling and decoupling of the Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 to other Eiswolf series products, Eisbaer series products, and custom loops. All connections and hoses have the ability to be removed and replaced.

The stock Radeon VII is, to an extent, a victim to thermal throttling, but with a liquid cooling device such as the Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01, the Radeon VII receives decent performance gains.

Here are the specifications of the Alphacool Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 as listed on Alphacool’s product page:

Technical data GPU cooler:
GPU cooler L x W x H: 266 x 134 x 38 mm
Material cooler bottom: Nickle plated copper
Material cooler and pump housing: Acetal
Material cooler: Aluminium
Power supply logo and pump: 3-Pin Molex
Threads: 2 x G1/4″
Voltage: 12 VDC

Technical data radiator:
Radiator L x W x H: 276 x 124 x 30 mm
Material cooling fins: Copper
Material Kühlkanäle: Copper
Material prechambers: Copper
FPI: 15
Threads: 3 x G1/4″

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