AMD CEO Lisa Su Hints at 2020 Release for PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s Next Xbox

AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, might have hinted at a 2020 release for Sony’s PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s next Xbox.

As many of you know, the house of AMD also offers semi-custom solutions, and both the PS4 and Xbox One are currently powered by a multi-core AMD CPU. Both consoles released back in 2013 and have entered the final phases of their life cycles. Fans are excited about the upcoming next-gen consoles, and while recent rumors claim that the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox will be released next year, Sony and Microsoft have yet to officially announce the consoles.

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A 2020 release for both consoles is speculation at this point, but in AMD’s most recent financial earnings call, CEO Lisa Su might very well have hinted at a release next year for either the PS5 or next Xbox, possibly both.

“So, yes, we are very pleased with our partnership and expanding our partnership with Sony on their next-generation consoles”, she said when asked about semi-custom business in the future. “As we see, the semi-custom business at this point, we still believe that it’s going to be down substantially in 2019, let’s call it approximately 20%-plus. And then as we go into 2020, without talking about any specific customer, we believe that semi-custom will return to a growth business for us in 2020 and beyond.”

Based on Lisa’s wording, we could derive that AMD expects a growth in it’s semi-custom business next year due to the launch of the PlayStation 5 or next Xbox. Sony already mentioned that it won’t be releasing the next PlayStation console before April 2020, and going by Sony’s trend of releasing its consoles, the PlayStation 5 could very well launch by the end of next year.

Earlier this week, we already covered that AMD teased that the PS5 will pack a ‘special sauce’.

Are you excited about the next-gen consoles? Are you expecting a 2020 release for both the PS5 and next Xbox? Hit the comments below.

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