Bebe Rexha reveals she gained 30 pounds amid PCOS diagnosis

Bebe Rexha revealed polycystic ovary syndrome caused her to gain over 30 pounds amid fan backlash over her changing body.

“I went to the doctor last year — and a lot of women actually have this and they don’t know about it — but they diagnosed [me] with PCOS, which is polycystic ovary syndrome,” Rexha said on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” Thursday

She added that the hormonal disorder is “one of the leading causes of why women gain weight and are obese.

“I literally jumped, like, 30 pounds so quickly, maybe a little bit more. But we gotta just be positive and just show people love.”

Bebe Rexha.
Bebe Rexha got candid about her PCOS diagnosis on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”
Bebe Rexha
The songstress revealed she has gained 30 pounds since receiving the diagnosis.

Last month, the 34-year-old singer, whose real name is Bleta Rexha, called out TikTok users for commenting on her weight, which she has “always struggled” with.

Although Rexha says she knows criticism is just part of being in the public eye, the “I’m Good (Blue)” singer wishes people would stop making weight gain such a big deal.

“I was a lot thinner and I did gain some weight — that comes with the territory. I’m not mad about it because it is true, but when you see things like that, it does mess with you,” she told Hudson.

Bebe Rexha in a black swimsuit.
“But I feel like we’re in 2023 … we should not be talking about people’s weight,” she told Hudson.

“You don’t know what somebody’s going through, what they’re going through in their life, so it kind of is tough. But I feel like we’re in 2023 … we should not be talking about people’s weight,” she added.

Rexha has been very outspoken about her body image issues in the past, admitting in 2021 that she was feeling “embarrassed” about her body after indulging over the holidays.

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Bebe Rexha.
The Grammy nominee recently called out trolls for commenting on her weight online.

“I weighed myself just now and I don’t feel comfortable sharing the weight ’cause I feel embarrassed,” Rexha said through tears on TikTok. “I just feel disgusting, you know, like in my own body.”

The Grammy winner even told fans at the time that she would probably be taking a break from social media because she didn’t “feel good in [her] skin.”

Thankfully, the songstress got her confidence back and urged fans to “normalize” women weighing 165 pounds in lingerie-clad video a few months later.

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