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If you want a tax app with bells and whistles, TurboTax’s app may appeal to you. It provides an easy navigation tool, helpful tax tips, live tax advice, an accessible online chat and much more. The app also includes direct links to parent company Intuit’s other apps, such as Mint or Credit Karma, for your use.

The TurboTax app asks you about your tax situation in a way that’s similar to the questions you’d face during a meeting with a tax professional. We found the app has a clean interface and is the easiest to use of all the tax apps.

There may be a cost to filing your taxes with the app, depending on your tax situation. If you have a simple return—with one W-2 and no deductions—the cost is free*. However, if you have self-employment income or a good deal of write-offs, you can expect to pay.

One downside to the TurboTax app is it may try to upsell you on pricey add-ons. However, overall, if you need a solid tax app to help you file, TurboTax may be your best bet.

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