Black Ops 4 “Spectre Rising” Brings New Specialist, Blackout Map Update

The latest big Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update drops tomorrow. Operation Spectre Rising adds a bundle of new content to all parts of the game – Multiplayer gets a new Specialist, Blackout’s main map sees some big changes, Zombies gets a new mode, and more. Those who purchased the paid season pass also get three new maps, and, of course, there’s a ton of new cosmetics to earn and buy. Watch the trailer for Operation Spectre Rising, below.

We don’t have an official rundown from Activision and Treyarch yet, but here’s a quick recap of everything seen in the Spectre Rising trailer:

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  • New Specialist – Spectre
  • New Weapons – Ballistic Knife, Tigershark LMG, Nifo’oti Club
  • New Game Modes – Bounty Hunter, Prop Hunt
  • New Weapon Camos
  • New Charms
  • “Wetworks” update for Blackout – Hydroelectric dam has exploding, flooding parts of map
  • New Blackout Characters
  • Zombies Gauntlets

A pretty solid collection of new stuff! Treyarch recently released the separate Alcatraz map for Blackout, but it’s good to see they’re still updating the original map. Spectre also seems like he’ll be a solid attrition to multiplayer.

As mentioned, if you ponied up for the paid $50 Black Ops Pass, you’re getting three new multiplayer maps. “Artifact” is set amongst the unique volcanic landscape of Iceland at an archaeological dig site, “Masquerade” takes players to Bangladesh during some sort of festival, and the classic “WMD” map returns players to the frosty Russian factory they know so well. Of course, the Black Market will be updated with a new Contraband stream to work your way through.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Operation Spectre Rising kicks off tomorrow, and, as always, new content comes to the PS4 first, with PC and Xbox One players having to wait an extra week.

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