Blades Pulled In Over $1.5 Million on iOS According to Sensor Tower Report

The Elder Scrolls: Blade seems to have been hugely successful despite its late launch. The game was up for pre-release some time ago and racked up well over a million downloads on iOS alone. Today, the game appears to have hit another milestone. According to market analyst Sensor Tower, The Elder Scrolls: Blades made $1.5 million in its first month as an early access game on the Apple App Store.

Blades now has over 1.3 million players, who apparently spend almost $50,000 per day on the game. About 73 per cent of the revenue generated has come from the United States, which accounts for approximately $1.1 million of the total. The game’s second largest market for revenue so far is Great Britain at close to 5 per cent of player spending or about $75,000 in gross earnings. The report also notes that The Elder Scrolls: Blades has earned nearly $1.20 per download on average. It’s an impressive figure for what can be best described as an incomplete game. Players had to sign up for early access via Bethesda’s website for the chance of getting an invitation. Shortly after, the game was open for anyone with a functional Bethesda account.

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In The Elder Scrolls: Blades, players have to help rebuild a town by exploring dungeons and fighting people and monsters for loot. Despite being in early access, the developer promises that all progress and purchases will make it over to the final game. As expected, the mobile version of the title will not be as feature-rich as its PC/Console counterpart. The Elder Scrolls: Blade joins the long list of established RPGs that are making its way to the mobile platform. Classics such as TES: Blade, Black Desert and Ys VII are already here, and we can expect more to come in the coming weeks.

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