Borderlands 3 Launch Day Concurrent Players Peak Is 2x the All-Time Concurrent Peak of Borderlands 2 on PC, Says Gearbox President

Borderlands 3 launched two days ago on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Our review is forthcoming but in the meantime, you can check out Keith’s performance review of the PC version, which apparently is ‘a bit more intense to run’ than he had anticipated.

Speaking of the PC version, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford revealed via Twitter that the launch on the platform has been very successful for the developer. Borderlands 3 reached a release day concurrent players peak that is almost two times as high as the all-time concurrent peak of Borderlands 2.

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Fun Fact: On PC, the data is that the launch day peak concurrent players of Borderlands 3 is about *twice-as-high* as the all time peak concurrent players of Borderlands 2. WOW! You guys are great!

The data is all the more impressive when you stop to consider that Borderlands 3 is only available through the Epic Games Store for the time being, with the Steam version scheduled to be up by April 2020. If you add that Epic Games clearly paid Gearbox and publisher Take-Two a lot of money to get the timed exclusive on PC, the outlook seems very positive from the onset.

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