Can teachers spot a ChatGPT fake? Tasmania’s education department says yes

Following in the steps of New South Wales and Queensland, Tasmanian public school students heading back into the classroom are set to be unable to access a new AI-learning tool on school systems.

ChatGPT – in full, the Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer — chatbot was launched by artificial intelligence research company OpenAI late last year. 

Users are able to write in questions and receive human-like responses across a range of topics – such as ‘what actually is AI?’ or ‘what should I buy my cousin for his birthday next month?’, with follow-up questions encouraged.

With it, comes the risk of students using the tool to cheat on assignments – but educators say there’s no need to panic. 

Department ‘restricting access’

In a statement provided to ABC Radio Hobart, Tasmania’s Department of Education, Children and Young People said it was “aware of the current discourse” around how online artificial intelligence and chatbot tools could potentially “be used inappropriately by students in completing assessment tasks”.

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