Death Stranding is Unavailable in the Xbox Version of GeForce NOW

The title doesn’t lie, the Xbox version of GeForce NOW has blocked access to the game published by Sony. Well, technically it’s not an actual Xbox version but rather running the service through Microsoft Edge on Xbox. Death Stranding is currently unable to be launched through Xbox’s version of GeForce NOW, it won’t even appear on search results.

Tom Warren, a journalist from The Verge, noticed this issue when trying to search for Death Stranding on Xbox’s browser. The game doesn’t show up in the service’s directory even if you type in the entire title, even though you can run it on PC. Even when the journalist tried to copy the link to this title found on the PC, he couldn’t get the game to run.

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Below you can see the tweet he made which showcases his attempts to run Death Stranding on Xbox:

Tom Warren made the following observation after the tweet was posted:

Oddly enough, the PC version was not even published by Sony. The company only published it on the console. However, it might not matter if there was some sort of agreement regarding cloud services and exclusivity when streaming to the console. This is probably the reason. We asked Nvidia about this.

This is bad news for Xbox users as they won’t be able to experience Hideo Kojima’s video game even if they own the game on Steam. However, it’s worth noting that Death Stranding is still available to be streamed on the PC version of GeForce NOW. In other words, the game wasn’t removed from support altogether, it just isn’t allowed in the Xbox version.

Or, at least, that’s just the broad version. Tom Warren (tipped by another Twitter user) made note that the Russian version of the Microsoft Edge app on Xbox, which only uses NVIDIA technologies, can still run Death Stranding. You can see the tweet below:

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Death Stranding is currently available on PC (Epic Games Store/Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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