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As I sit down to write this, I can’t log into the Gonzaga University app. That’s not starting strong. On Aug. 3, GU announced on its Instagram page there would be a mobile app for all things GU called “GU Mobile”. GU’s dining department reported on Aug. 20 that they will no longer be using Bite Universities (BiteU) and will be using Everyday. 

I live on campus in the Kennedy Apartments, which means I am on the opposite side of campus from the COG. I went to the COG frequently during the beginning of my time at GU because it was easy, premade food I could stop and eat on campus. This was especially easy due to my classes in College Hall, Herak, Hughes Hall, etc. But then, I started getting into my major-specific courses in the integrated media building, right beside Kennedy. 

Some days, I didn’t want to cook, but I didn’t want to buy anything; it happens to all of us. So, I would open the BiteApp, and see what I could get for Bulldog Bucks or a meal swipe. 

I’m not too fond of COG food that much, so if I had the choice, I wouldn’t eat there. But, BiteApp only offered COG food for a meal swipe, and for Bulldog Bucks, you could get stuff from the Marketplace (now known as Iggy’s Market). 

The Marketplace options were slim and didn’t come with much variety. It didn’t offer freshly made things like sushi, sandwiches or salads through the app. It offered chips, energy drinks and sweets, but those aren’t a meal, even though they are nice to have for snacks. So, I usually wouldn’t order from the Marketplace via BiteApp. 

The app also wouldn’t work most of the time for me; it would glitch or take a lot of time to load. This has made me lose faith in the apps ZagDining promotes, but I was happy when they decided to switch to Everyday. 

I downloaded the Everday app to give it a fair chance, and maybe I’ll start using it. It allows  for “view only” in COG and Cataldo because these places are purely meal swipe places or pay at the pay station. The view will enable you to look at what those dining halls have and the available times, which can be helpful.

There’s also “pickup & delivery” for Iggy’s Market, Iggy’s Sandwiches, Qdoba and The Bulldog. This allows you to view what these places have available, order and either deliver it to wherever via Kiwibot, or pick it up yourself to skip the lines. They also have pick-up-only options for Starbucks and Cafe Lawte. 

The GU Mobile app was launched this summer and marketed toward students, faculty, alums, family members, etc. I downloaded it immediately because it sounded like it would be a faster, easier way to access class schedules, Bulldog Buck balance and more. 

It worked fine the first few times I accessed it, though I had to do the two-step verification on many of the windows, like Zagweb, which is how I would look at just about anything. The two-step verification is appreciated for security reasons, but it is tedious. It can get annoying if you are trying to “quickly” access something, and you have to stop and relog in and then input the code for security reasons. 

The last few times I have tried to access the GU Mobile app, it wouldn’t even give me the option to login, so I cannot access anything. I can quickly whip out my computer, which I carry just about everywhere, and get any of the information I am looking for. There are flaws with this because you need Wi-Fi and time, but personally, sometimes it is just easier than working with the app. 

I’ll refrain from using the GU mobile app due to the inconsistencies I face with it. It may be because I have an …  Android, so the app might need a few fixes to be more compatible with phones that aren’t iPhones. 

After looking over the Everyday app, it seems incredibly improved from the BiteU app used last year. I have yet to use it, but I have heard from around the campus that it is more user-friendly.

To download or not to download, that is the question.

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