ECS Plans to Release a New LIVA Ultra-Compact Form-Factor PC

ECS has officially disclosed plans to introduced new LIVA ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) PCs using Intel’s 10th Generation Core processor. This UCCF PC series is planned to be unveiled at CES next month, this lineup will offer two different models, the LIVA Z3 Plus and LIVA Z3E Plus. These systems are designed to fit into the usual UCFF locations for regular office PCs, media streamers, and industrial applications. ECS is planned to show off these ultra-compact form-factor PCs at CES 2020.

ECS’s LIVA UCFF PCs Will Be a Very Compact PC based on Intel’s 10th Generation Core processor

The systems feature are:

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  • Wi-Fi 6
    • Wi-Fi 6 offers faster speed along with a much more reliable connection, as long as your router supports Wi-Fi 6 specifications and standards.
  • PC case
    • This case, along with specific ports, the sides of these cases have vents to allow for adequate cooling of the Intel 10th generation CPU.
  • Connectivity
    • The LIVA Z3 Plus
      • This case offers some fantastic connectivity having three USB 3.0 ports and a single USB Type-C port.
      • The system also offers a headphone port on the far side of the case.

Source: Anandtech

    • The LIVA Z3E Plus
      • This system offers the same connectivity as the LIVA Z3 Plus, and more the LIVA Z3E Plus provides two COM ports that are located on the side of the case and are perfect for a business that might still need a COM port.

Source: Anandtech

  • Intel 10th Generation Processors
    • While the specific CPU that will be housed inside this small chassis has not been stated but It has been noted that Intel’s 10th generation processors will power these systems.

Sadly, no specific information was shown about the internal components, ECS has said that their LIVA AIO PCs will be aimed at both the consumer and commercial markets. While for more industrial applications, ECS is offering LIVA Q1L, Q1D, and DH310, which are expected to feature an integrated 4G/LTE modem, multiple display outputs, and two GbE ports, which are special-purpose 0.6-liters to 1.6 liters LIVA systems.

ECS also plans to show off its first LIVA all-in-one PCs at the CES trade show in January.


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