Education dept. declares results of Kala Utsav competitions

Education dept. declares results of Kala Utsav competitions
Winners of the state-level Kala Utsav 2022 competition pose for a photograph during the prize distribution programme held at the directorate of School Education in Kohima on Wednesday.

Dimapur, Nov. 23 (EMN): Nagaland Education Mission Society, Samagra Shiksha, today declared the result of the state-level Kala Utsav 2022 competition at the directorate of School Education, Kohima.

Kala Utsav is an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MoE) under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, to promote arts in education by nurturing and showcasing the artistic talent of school students at the secondary stage in the country.

The students competed in the field of vocal music, traditional and classical, instrumental music traditional & classical, dance in traditional and classical, visual art and indigenous toy, an update from the directorate stated.

It stated that the winners would represent the state at the national-level Kala Utsav scheduled in Bhubaneswar, Orisa.

The additional director of School Education, Razouseyi Vese, has exhorted the gathering on the occasion.

The function was led by Dr. Chumbeni Kikon, joint mission director, while Rukuzo Hoshi, state coordinator, gave the concluding remarks.

The panel of judges included Gideon Thono, Zeneizokho, Nuveta Khesoh and Avino Tase.

Liyalo Apon, deputy mission director of Samagra Shiksha Nagaland, stated that Kala Utsav has regularly been organised every year since 2015 as a celebration of art forms in the school system. He added that the district, state and national level Kala Utsav has been structured as an art festival to include performances and display of talents.

“The design of Kala Utsav helps the students to explore, understand and showcase their artistic talent of practicing different art forms. This event gives students the opportunity to understand and celebrate cultural diversity at the school, district, state and national level, Apon said.

He added that it not only spreads awareness among students but also creates awareness about India’s rich cultural traditions and their practice among different stakeholders.

“The traditions also show us the creative expansion from individual to the community, which contributes towards the overall development of the society,” he added.

He stated that the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 emphasises on the promotion of arts and culture through education. According to him, the vision of NEP has been incorporated in Kala Utsav (2022-23) to create a platform to explore, exchange and experience the diverse cultural heritage of the country.

It mentioned that there are ten categories of competition such as vocal music (traditional and classical), instrumental music (traditional and percussive), dance classical and traditional, visual 2D and 3D, indigenous games and toys and drama, solo for both male and female.

The winners of the state-level competitions would participate at the national-level competitions 2022-23 scheduled from January 3 to the 6th in 2023 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

On the occasion, Dr. Kevizakie Rio, joint mission director of Samagra Shiksha, gave away prizes to the winners.

In the 2D visual art, Lhusuto Medeo from GHSS Chozuba in Phek district won the first prize, while Moanaro Jamir from GHSS Diphupar-A in Dimapur won the second prize.

In the 3D visual art, Veba Vasa from GHSS Chozuba in Phek district won the first prize, while Anamika Hojai from GHSS Singrijan in Dimapur won the second prize.

In the classical dance competition, Chubaienla from Senayangba GHSS in Ungma from Mokokchung won the first prize, while the traditional folk dance was won by Hyulozu Kent from Christian School Botsa in Kohima district and Karishma Rai from GHSS Singrijan in Dimapur.

Prizes for traditional instrumental music were awarded to Engo Moba from GHS Sumi in Mokokchung district and Benjano from GHS Sumi in Mokokchung district.

Prizes for classical instrumental music were awarded Ozo Vero from BAMS in Phek district and Rugono Seyie from GHSS Medziphema in Dimapur.

Prizes for vocal music classical were awarded to John H Achumi from GHSS Sumi in MOkokchung district and Vituna H Achumi from GHS Sumi in Mokokchung district.

Prizes for vocal music in traditional folk song were awarded to Lijempong from Yanjen Aier GHS, Mopungchuket in Mokokchung, and Wisiliu Niumai from GHS Beisupuikam in Peren district.

In drama solo, prizes were awarded to Kaimangsomba from GHSS Diphupar ‘A’ in Dimapur district, and Putusenla Longchar from Queen Mary Higher Secondary School in Mokokchung district.

In the indigenous toys and games, award was conferred to Nyemjun Konyak from GHSS Diphupar A, Dimapur.

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