EGS & PS5 Exclusive Godfall Gets First Gameplay Clip; Dev Talks PS5 SSD, Adaptive Controller Triggers

The first short gameplay clip of the upcoming Epic Games Store (PC) and PS5 exclusive Godfall has surfaced online.

The looter-slasher RPG from Gearbox and Counterplay Games was officially announced during The Game Awards 2019 event alongside a reveal trailer. Unfortunately, this trailer didn’t show actual gameplay for the upcoming third-person title. However, a very brief gameplay snippet has now surfaced online, as uploaded by PlayStation Lifestyle.  We’ve included the gameplay clip down below.

Gearbox Announces Next-gen Action RPG Godfall for PlayStation 5 and PC; Reveal Trailer Released

Although short, this gameplay snippet does provide an impression of the game’s Souls-like combat. For those who’ve played Deck 13’s Lords of the Fallen, Godfall appears to feature a similar visual style, turned up to Super Saiyan level.

Aside from the gameplay snippet, PlayStation Lifestyle conducted an interview with the game’s creative director, Keith Lee, which includes some interesting tidbits about releasing the game on the PS5 instead of the PS4.

“The exceptionally powerful SSD on the PlayStation 5 offers a new level of detail for each individual object as well as seamless loading of our expansiveness world”, Lee said when asked why Godfall won’t be a cross-gen title. “Our combat is kinesthetic in nature, so the new controller’s “adaptive triggers” and haptic feedback will make moment-to-moment combat feel exhilarating and visceral.”

PS5 exclusive Godfall will be a launch title when it releases in late 2020. “We’re excited and honored to be selected by Sony to be a PS5 launch title”, the creative director said. “We plan to be alongside PlayStation every step of the way next year.”

The game is playable solo, though it was designed with co-op in mind, according to Lee. “Godfall is designed from the ground up for co-op, and we’ve ensured that you can play with friends with mixed levels, in addition to being able to ‘hot-join’ without needing to queue up and wait. We want to make sure that content is accessible to all players (solo or co-op) while taking a different approach to ensure players of mixed levels can have fun together and contribute in a more balanced way.”


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