Episode 3 Trailer Ratchets Up the Drama and Sibling Rivalry

Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 finally drops next month, and Dontnod Entertainment are dialing up excitement with a drama-filled new trailer. Sean and Daniel have fallen in with a group of outcasts working for an illegal pot farm, and it looks like all sorts of sibling rivalry and teenage sexual tension is about to boil over. Check out the trailer for yourself, below.

Here’s how Dontnod describes Episode 3:

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The long journey from Seattle to Mexico continues as Sean and Daniel Diaz arrive in the Redwood Forests of California, a few months after their dramatic escape from Beaver Creek. Reunited with Cassidy and Finn, the brothers experience life on the fringes of society as they befriend a close-knit community of drifters and runaways, and begin working on an illegal cannabis farm in an attempt to scrape together enough money to continue their journey.

New friendships, relationships, and mentors influence Sean and Daniel, encouraging them to learn more about themselves and each other. Friction arises between the brothers and their resolve is tested once again. As tensions rise, can their strong bond survive?

If you haven’t played Life is Strange 2 yet, you should definitely consider jumping aboard. Wccftech’s Rosh Kelly gave Episode 2 a glowing 9 out of 10 review

While there were a few technical hiccups throughout the episode, it stands as one of the best in this already stellar series. From the conversations that wonderfully introduce passing characters and flesh out their relationships to the way the narrative forces you into tough decisions, this is what a narrative adventure should feel like. […] Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 shows exactly how interactive narrative games can be so powerful. By focusing on your responsibility for two characters and their actions, players can enjoy the heartbreaking story they accidentally set in motion.

Life is Strange 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Episode 3 launches on May 9.

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