Fans rip Beyoncé, Jay-Z’s ‘ugly’ new $200M Malibu mansion

Not everyone is “Crazy in Love” with Beyoncé and Jay-z’s new modest $200 million abode.

Fans slammed the power couple’s ritzy Malibu manse on social media, claiming it has “all the charm of an empty Costco distribution center.”

“It will never fail to surprise me how celebrities can buy such ugly homes worth $200M that looks like a construction site,” one fan said of the sprawling 30,000-square-foot concrete home.

“They really spent $200 mill for Prison walls. 😭,” tweeted another critic, while another added, “They could have just bought a prison since it looks identical. Saved money too!”

Others invoked war imagery.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's new Malibu mansion.
Fans slammed Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new $200 million home.
Paul Turang
Jay-Z and Beyoncé's new Malibu mansion.
Fans compared the all-concrete manse to a Costco and prison.
Paul Turang

“It’s ugly Looks like a WWII bunker or abandoned mall,” wrote one, while another quipped: “Ain’t nobody gonna catch a cold in that house ’cause it is sterile!”

Some were blunt in their assessment.

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“Jesus that’s ugly,” one wrote, while another opined, “That’s an ugly ass home.”

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's new Malibu mansion.
“It’s ugly Looks like a WWII bunker or abandoned mall,” wrote one.
Jay-Z and Beyoncé's new Malibu mansion.
The couple made news last week for their pricey purchase.

One fan joked about what to buy as a housewarming present.

“So do they like cupcakes? My home welcoming gift seems a little cheap,” they tweeted.

Last week Beyoncé, 41, and Jay-Z, 53, made news for purchasing their new California home, which reportedly cost an eye-watering $200 million.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's new Malibu mansion.
It’s reportedly the most expensive home ever sold in California.
Paul Turang

According to TMZ, the estate is the most expensive house ever sold in that state.

Even more impressive is that the couple — who share daughter Blue Ivy, 11, and 5-year-old twins Sir and Rumi — is said to have paid for their new digs entirely in cash.

The home is designed by acclaimed architect Tadao Ando.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z walking.
The couple will have plenty of room for their three children in their new home.
beyonce / Instagram

Andao was raised in Japan and is deeply influenced by the country’s spare architecture and design.

He also created Kanye West’s $57.3 million mansion, which he acquired during his 2021 divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, the “Drunk in Love” collaborators got a steal on the structure and it had originally been priced at $295 million.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z in an Instagram photo.
The couple reportedly paid cash for the estate.
beyonce / Instagram

It was previously owned by art collector William Bell and reportedly took him 15 years to build.

The couple are no strangers to pricey real estate.

In 2017, they dropped a cool $26 million on a 12,000-square-foot Hamptons mansion on East Hampton’s exclusive Georgica Pond.

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