From Software New Game Possibly Being Teased In New Concept Art

With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice having been released this year, there are no From Software games on the horizon, but the team is definitely working on something new, which may have been teased recently.

During a panel at ZBrushMerge 2019, From Software artist Ryo Fujimaki showcased different concept art featuring a rather fearsome mermaid and a wyvern. These never appeared in any From Software game, so it’s safe to assume that they might appear in a future game by the team.

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The latest game developed by From Software is the already mentioned Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game is very different from the Souls series, but it still manages to be an extremely engaging experience.

Some issues aside, Sekiro’s overall flow and cadence is great. The game’s world has that familiar knotty, interconnected From Software structure, but it feels more open and less oppressive. Bosses are tough, but you’re nicely rewarded for defeating them with big new areas to explore or a helpful upgrade to your abilities. This is From Software’s most rewarding journey yet, and there’s a lot of journey to be had – Sekiro serves up about the same number of locations as your typical Dark Souls game, but it packs those areas with more challenges. This game serves up somewhere in the neighborhood of three dozen bosses. Expect a 30 to 50 hour adventure, depending on how sharp you’ve been keeping your blade.

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