Gaming Aura calls out the developers over no update over Free Fire’s ban

Since the game was banned in February, this year has not gone well for Free Fire’s Indian fanbase. However, what has made them even more dissatisfied is the fact that there has been no news of any development regarding the status of the game.

Currently, the MAX version is the only means for fans to play their favorite title, and several players and content creators have made the switch. Many players have expressed their concerns over the future of the regular version.

In a recent video, Abhishek Singh Bisht, popularly known as Gaming Aura, criticized Garena over the clarity of Free Fire’s status in India.

Gaming Aura disappointed by Garena over clarity on Free Fire’s ban

On 14 August 2022, Gaming Aura uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he addressed the topic of Garena’s lack of interest in the Indian market.

In the video, he called out Free Fire’s developers by drawing a parallel between Krafton’s response to the current BGMI in India, in which top executives cleared the issue. Garena, on the other hand, has remained silent for months.

In the video, he said:

“On the one hand, Krafton is regularly providing an update on the BGMI ban, and then there is Garena, who has been silent for the past seven months.”

The well-known content creator also stated that he was dissatisfied with Garena and had left the Partner Program, a special initiative for content creators.

He went on to explain that users had put in substantial work on the battle royale title and that now that the game is not accessible on the market, it is the developer’s responsibility to communicate clearly with the players.

Abhishek concluded the discussion by remarking that the entire ecosystem is in utter turmoil and that many players will switch to other titles rather quickly.

Impact of the ban

The enhanced version of the battle royale game is still available (Image via Garena)
The enhanced version of the battle royale game is still available (Image via Garena)

Garena rebranded all their social hands to Free Fire MAX as this title was not among the banned applications.

At the same time, the battle royale title’s ban has impacted both esports and content creation, even though gamers can still use the MAX version.

Multiple official events were canceled, and the Indian teams missed the opportunity to represent the country at the international level. At the same time, several popular YouTubers have already turned to the MAX variant. In contrast, many others have switched to other types of content.

Even months after its official ban, the question around its return remains open.

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