Google Messages may borrow profile feature from WhatsApp, other messaging apps

What you need to know

  • Google appears to be developing a “Profile” feature for its messaging app.
  • The empty menu looks into possible options like profile visibility, sharing, and notifications for contacts.
  • With the slight appearance found by searching for “profiles” in your Android settings, none of this works, as Google is still likely developing the feature.

Google’s native Android messaging app may implement another feature that brings it more in line with some of its competitors.

A Reddit user posted a quick snapshot of profiles potentially appearing for Google Messages at some point in the future (via Android Police). The user explains that searching for “Profile” in the Android Settings menu displays an option, and entering goes into more detail showing toggleable options such as “profile sharing.”

A teaser of an upcoming profile feature for Google Messages.

(Image credit: Reddit)

This early peek also shows options for profile visibility which is pretty standard no matter what sort of profile you’re creating. An option such as this would come in handy in group chats where you may not be familiar with everyone there. Having your profile set to “Private” or “Contacts only” would ideally offer more protection than “Public,” where anyone can see your entered information. The user also found two additional options for notifications when a contact’s details are updated and one if a new contact is found.

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