Google Pixel Fold may feature selfie camera at the most unusual location

Google earlier confirmed its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. It put an end to speculation around it, but there was another that is still floating around. Google is reportedly working on its first foldable Pixel phone. It has been more than two years since the first rumour around it emerged, followed by subsequent ones revealing the details. The latest leak on the foldable Pixel phone talks about another crucial aspect: camera placement. Also Read – Google Pixel Fold won’t launch until Spring of 2023: Report

According to the tipster who goes by Digital Chat Station on Weibo, the alleged design of Google’s first foldable, dubbed Pixel Fold, will be somewhat a mix of the Pixel 7 and the Oppo Find N. The machine-translated post into English suggests that the main display will be relatively small that will fold horizontally inward. The outer screen will come with a punch-hole in the centre, he said. However, the most interesting part could be the selfie camera. Also Read – Google’s Foldable Pixel Phone reportedly delayed to 2023: Check details

The Google Pixel Fold’s inner display will be rid of any cutouts or notches, according to him. Instead, the small selfie camera of the Pixel Fold will be on the frame. This may remind you of the Nokia N9 or the early Xiaomi Mi MIX phones that had a rather unusual selfie camera placement. But considering this is Google, we might expect some quirky way the company may have thought to put the camera.

A weird design? Not really

Google has not confirmed anything about the Pixel Fold, but speculation is that a side-mounted selfie camera would go in line with the device’s compact design. Previous reports have suggested the Pixel Fold will go for a small design, much like the Oppo Find N. Other foldable phones that have been available for years now are bulky and usually bigger the regular smartphones. An alleged render of the Pixel Fold, which revealed there could be Android 12L on the foldable, also suggested a smaller design.

The latest leak does not talk about anything else, such as the specifications of the Google Pixel Fold. However, considering we still have rumours around the Pixel Fold means the phone could be in the making. It is now a matter of time before Google confirms it in the unusual way in which it previews its devices before their launch. It would also make sense on Google’s part, which is now under more pressure than ever to foray into the foldable segment. Its rival Apple is also reportedly working on a foldable iPhone. A previous report said the Pixel Fold won’t launch until 2023.

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