Have secret apps on your phone? Hide them like this without deleting them

There are many types of apps available on the phone. These applications include some personal and some professional apps. Moreover, the phone is equipped with a lock screen, preventing anyone from discovering what apps are on your phone. However, many times your phone is left unlocked, allowing other people to use it, thus leaking your personal information about your apps. It’s important to note that if you uninstall these apps, the chances of losing your personal data increases. In such a case, we will show you how to hide these apps without deleting them.

Hide feature is present in the phone

In Android phones, there is a feature that allows users to hide apps without deleting them. However, to hide existing apps on the phone, a passcode is required. This password allows the hidden apps to be recovered again once the password is entered.

How to hide apps using the Hide App feature present in the phone?

  • Go to the Settings option on the phone
  • Scroll down the screen to get to the privacy option available on the phone
  • Click on the Privacy option
  • The Hide option will be available at the bottom of the Privacy Protection tab
  • Enter the privacy password 
  • Select the apps that need to be hidden 
  • It is essential to enter the passcode for this hidden app. The first character of this passcode will be #
  • Following this way, you can hide your secret apps so no one can find them

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