How old is Sykkuno? Breaking down the YouTube Gaming star’s age and other personal details

YouTube Gaming star Sykkuno is a 31-year-old former Twitch streamer who has maintained high popularity with his dedicated fans despite moving platforms last year. He is known for live interactions with other streamers such as LilyPichu, Valkyrae, and Disguised Toast and is adored for his coy and positive attitude.

The gamer exploded onto the scene with his Among Us streams and has remained on friendly terms and frequently plays games with content creators from Offline TV and 100 Thieves. Let’s break down his rise as a beloved online personality over the years.

Tracing Sykkuno’s streaming career on Twitch and YouTube

Despite being among the most popular content creators in the North American gaming space, very little is known about the gamer’s personal life. Part of the streamer’s charm comes from his shy yet playful persona. Unlike most of his peers, his full name is still a mystery, and Thomas is presumably his first name.

Even that was revealed by one of his fellow creators, Offline TV’s QuarterJade, when she accidentally called him by his first name Thomas on a stream. The interaction clearly flustered him. Here is a compilation of some of the banter his name has caused among the streamer community.

The American YouTuber was born in Southern California to Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant parents. He started creating game content in 2011 by posting League of Legends videos on YouTube. Back then, he normally showcased his talents in the MOBA with a running commentary with no face cam.

His lingering popularity in the LoL community led him to be selected as one of the only NA streamers to get the exclusive rights to stream Worlds last year, sparking controversy.

From the tidbits shared between streamers online, it seems Sykkuno was a software developer before he started making gaming content as a full-time job. While discussing with Jacksepticeye and Valkyrae, he revealed that he worked with Samsung and had some part in the software development of Galaxy S7 and S8 phones.

While playing Fall Guys last year with Tarik and others, Sykkuno also mentioned that he has two sisters who have no idea that he is a popular content creator known the world over. In the VOD below, he explains how his sisters think he is a professional gamer.

Timestamp 5:51:33

Sykkuno created his Twitch profile in 2011 but only started regularly streaming in 2019. It was another year till he first showed his face while streaming. The Among Us streams with other creators such as LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, and Corpse Husband gave Sykkuno his break. Clips of which the streamer posted on YouTube.

The social deduction game was all the rage during the pandemic, and Sykkuno’s chemistry with fellow creators and his good-natured demeanor were instant hits with fans. He would go on to be part of the viral Among Us stream with AOC and continued to reap the benefits of the game’s popularity with a burgeoning fan base.

By March 2022, before leaving Twitch, the streamer had amassed an impressive 4 million followers on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, and his subsequent move to YouTube has done little to dampen his popularity. His YouTube channel currently has about 2.9 million subscribers, and he regularly streams various games for his fans, including Valorant, Yugioh, and Fall Guys.

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