How to Double Coding Speed for Database Developers


There are many tools for developers that can make the process of coding simpler and more streamlined. When it comes to programming, a common language used is SQL, however, many developers are not taking full advantage of this language for database development, as they are missing out on ways they could double their coding speed, format their code, and organize their layouts to increase their productivity.

Tools that Make Coding Easy

The goal of this service, SQL complete, is to boost a database developer’s quality of life and help them make sure their code is accurate, readable, and easy to navigate. This is done by providing specific tools that can help devs write and manage code in ways that are absent from other visual formats. These features are SQL Code Completion, which can autofill SQL queries and keep developers on track with context-based results, T-SQL, which can help rename objects and variables in order to keep code presentable and readable, along with Productivity Extension, which can help keep code organized with color coordination, restoration of accidentally closed tabs, and easy title modification.

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Why Developers can Streamline their Process Further 

One existing problem faced by developers is a lack of organization and formatting, which can lead to errors that are harder to locate and resolve down the road. With these features, code can be kept clean and visually pleasing so that a database developer will always know exactly what they are looking for all times. This is advantageous because code can meet style and formatting standards much more easily, and can increase the speed at which developers are able to work.

An example of how it works would be if a developer is taking on a new project based on an existing framework of code from a previous developer. Since they didn’t code it themselves, they would have no idea where to find specific lines or how the code all fits together, and this would be even more of a daunting task if the code was messy or unintelligible. With SQL Complete solutions in place, however, it would only take a simple glance for a developer to locate any specific area because the code is organized and efficient and style settings can be shared so that a database developer won’t be in the dark and can instead get to work immediately.

Different tools to use within these features include the ability to run scripts on multiple databases, a history of executed SQL statements, access to predetermined formatting options, and debuggers. When compared to older solutions, these options allow developers to stay efficient and work in a more productive way. This can help speed up the development process significantly and make it so that once chaotic and unorganized code can be simple to view and more streamlined for all to see.

Services that allow these software solutions will save significant costs and time in database development and are the perfect tool to take code and make it something even more beneficial and future proof.


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