InMotion Climber Review: A Powerful Yet Portable Last-Mile Scooter

The InMotion Climber scooter is a remarkable form of urban transport. It has a small footprint, like most traditional last-mile scooters, but with more power and a better top speed. It has a decent range, thanks to its dual motors and a build that supports a higher payload. However, this comes at a cost, as it results in a slightly heavier scooter. 

Design and features

While many last-mile scooters are rated to support around 220 pounds, the Climber’s construction allows for a heavier payload of 286.6 pounds, to be exact. This is great; because no one wants to ride a maxed-out scooter; it changes the entire experience. The InMotion Climber is powered by dual 450-watt motors with a max output of 750 watts each.

The battery powering the Climber is 533 Wh at 54 volts. InMotion includes an advanced Battery Management System in the Climber, which safeguards battery cells against damage due to overcharging or over-discharging. Furthermore, it computes the remaining charge, oversees battery temperature, and ensures battery health and safety by inspecting for loose connections and internal shorts.

The Climber comes in black with InMotion’s traditional orange accents. It’s subtle, but there’s even black and orange cabling and an orange brake caliper. It may look similar to other products on the market but, as with most things, it’s what’s inside that counts.


Rear wheel, disc brake and caliper. 

Joseph Kaminski

There are front and rear fenders to protect riders from wet roads, and the scooter has an IP56 rating for the body and IPX7 for the battery. The deck has a decent standing area, even with my size 12s.

The scooter weighs just under 46 pounds, making it on the higher end of the spectrum if you’re toting it around. The Climber is one of the easier scooters to break down and put in the trunk of a car thanks to the simple folding latch, but it also ensures a secure hold while riding. The handlebars are a good width for storing but also facilitate better control during rides. The grips are comfortable, and the Climber uses a thumb throttle which is nice and responsive. 

The controls for the scooter couldn’t be more simple. Long-press the power button to turn it on or off. Double-press to change ride modes and a simple single press will turn on the lights, which can also be toggled on and off via the app (more on that shortly). 


The InMotion Climber’s handlebars, display, brake lever and throttle.

Joseph Kaminski

There’s no suspension, but the Climber rides comfortably on two 10-inch pneumatic tubed tires. It also ships with two extra innertubes, in case of a flat. The manufacturer told me the scooter was designed to make changing flats easy. 

The Climber has a single rear mechanical disc brake that’s engaged by the brake lever. When pressure is applied, the front and rear motors’ regenerative brakes also kick in. The amount of tension can be adjusted in the InMotion App. 

Like other InMotion products, the company develops an iOS/Android app that enables support of the Climber. The user connects their phone to the scooter via Bluetooth, and the app allows a wealth of controls, including the ability to lock the scooter. This feature engages the motors, creating resistance if an unauthorized person tries to ride off. You can also use the app to see the exact battery percentage and its relative health. Additionally, you can change the take-off preference from kick-start to zero-start, meaning you can kick off for the motors to engage, or push the throttle and go.

Lastly, regarding safety, there’s a bell and reflectors on the scooter’s sides with a headlight and taillight that flashes when the brakes are applied. 


The Climber’s deck, front wheel and reflector.

Joseph Kaminski


I’ve ridden my fair share of scooters, and it is no fun coming to a near standstill when going up hills. You see people walking past you and joggers leaving you in the dust. As the name suggests, that will not happen with the Climber. Those dual motors are rated to handle a 36-degree slope, allowing the Climber to get up hills without losing momentum. And under normal circumstances, the Climber can cruise steadily at just under 24 mph. 

As for the ride, I enjoyed how well it handled and how little my large figure affected it. I had no problems going up and down all around town. The acceleration was good. The display was easy to view in sunlight. 

The scooter has three modes: Pedestrian, Dynamic and Sport. Each one gets progressively faster. The scooter is rated to travel 35 miles on a full charge, taking approximately 8 hours to fully charge from zero. I saw closer to 20 miles, but I was also riding more aggressively. 


Joseph Kaminski

The shorter handlebars allow you to move easily through traffic and on the streets.

Because of the size and ride modes, the InMotion Climber is a great scooter for daily commutes, beginners, intermediates and both slim and plus-size riders. Overall, the InMotion Climber scooter is an intriguing option for those seeking a blend of practicality and adventure in their daily commute.

One of the best parts is you can zip around town for under $1,000. The InMotion Climber is currently $999

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