Intel Cascade Lake-SP Xeon Workstation CPUs For LGA 3647 Leak Out

Intel’s Cascade Lake-SP Xeon workstation family has leaked out including the fastest Xeon W-3275 model which would be rocking up to 28 cores. The Cascade Lake-SP lineup replaces the Skylake-SP processors that launched last year and would be featuring at least six SKUs that are mentioned in the leak.

Intel Cascade Lake-SP Xeon Workstation Family Leaks Out, Xeon W-3275 Leads The Pack WIth 28 Cores, 205W TDP, and Higher Clocks on LGA 3647 Platform

So the Cascade Lake-SP family which has been leaked on Chinese forums (via Momomo_US) is very similar to the existing Skylake-SP parts. As mentioned earlier, there are six SKUs in the Xeon W line of processors within the Cascade Lake-SP family. The specific models are:

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  • Xeon W-3275
  • Xeon W-3265
  • Xeon W-3245
  • Xeon W-3235
  • Xeon W-3225
  • Xeon W-3223

As you can tell, each processor is a minor update over the existing Skylake-SP models. The small changes include a slightly optimized process node with which Intel can now squeeze out higher frequencies and security patches for the Spectre and Meltdown exploits. The one major difference would be the platform itself with all Cascade Lake-SP Xeon W parts moving to the higher-end LGA 3647 socket.

Looking at each specific SKU, we can see that the fastest 28 core variant is the Xeon W-3275 which boasts a 205W TDP and similar base clocks as its predecessor, the Xeon W-2175, of 2.5 GHz. The difference, however, is that its predecessor featured only 14 cores and 28 threads whereas the new part features twice the amount of cores and threads. All models have received a similar core count bump with the Xeon W-3265 offering 24 cores / 48 threads (2.7 GHz @ 205W), Xeon W-3245 offering 16 cores /32 threads (3.2 GHz @ 205W), Xeon W-3235 offering 12 cores / 24 threads (3.3 GHz @ 180W), Xeon W-3225 offering 8 core / 16 threads (3.7 GHz @ 160W) and Xeon W-3223 that offers 8 cores / 16 threads (3.5 GHz @ 160W).

Intel Cascade Lake-SP Xeon Workstation Family Specs:

CPU Name Cores / Threads Base Clock Boost Clock Cache TDP
Xeon W-3275 28 / 56 2.5 GHz TBD 38.5 MB L3 205W
Xeon W-3265 24 / 48 2.7 GHz TBD 33.0 MB L3 205W
Xeon W-3245 16 / 32 3.2 GHz TBD 22.0 MB L3 205W
Xeon W-3235 12 / 24 3.3 GHz TBD 16.5 MB L3 180W
Xeon W-3225 8 / 16 3.7 GHz TBD 11.0 MB L3 160W
Xeon W-3223 8 / 16 3.5 GHz TBD 11.0 MB L3 160W

There’s already a listing of the Xeon W-3275 processor in Geekbench benchmark database which shows a single-core score of 5211 points and a multi-core score of 39869 points. The processor is tested on the Supremicro X11SPA-TF motherboard which is a very solid workstation motherboard featuring support for 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with TDPs of up to 205W that include the Xeon W-3000 series too. If users are looking for denser workstation solutions than ASRock Rack is offering one such motherboard which we talked about yesterday and offers same 205W CPU support.

Now that Intel is extending more LGA 3647 SKUs on their Xeon Workstation platform, chances are that they will start offering more SKUs on the HEDT platform too which currently only includes the Xeon W-3175X. The hexa-channel memory & the large I/O features along with more cost-effective models could reignite enthusiast interest for Intel’s HEDT CPUs if done right.

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