Intel Expands 9th Generation Desktop Family Led by Core i9-9900 Processor With 65W TDP

Intel today, also announced its 9th series expanded Desktop lineup headed by the Core i9-9900 processor with a locked multiplier.  The SKUs include processors with just 65W TDP and locked multipliers. Intel has also included a processor with an unlocked multiplier: the Core i3-9350K (which has a TDP of 91W). The new lineup starts at $439 and features up to 128GB of memory support, just like its mobility counterpart.

Intel releases the remaining 9th generation Desktop lineup (of locked processors)

This new lineup of SKUs joins the pre-released unlocked linup. These processors are going to feature slightly reduced clock rates but will be cheaper than the unlocked variants and will also have a lower TDP allowing them to go into OEM builds and such. Considering they include an iGPU as well, they are also excellent starting points for someone that wants to pursue a build but does not have the financing right now to complete it.

The Intel 9th Generation locked processors feature up to 40 PCIe lanes and will support 2 channels of 2666 MHz memory (the controller can of course be overclocked to support high frequency gaming RAM). Total memory supported is up to 128GB and Intel’s Optane memory support is there as well. Support for Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 has been added for the Core i3 class of processors as well. The chipset remains the Intel 300 series PCH.

Intel is claiming up to 437% gaming performance as compared to a 5-year old PC (making this a good time to jump ship from a Sandy Bridge processor if you are still rocking those) and upto 121% faster in photo editing as compared to a 5-year old PC. Intel’s New WiFi 6 is supported as well, which means reduced latency while gaming as well as faster download speeds. The complete slide deck and lineup is given below:

New Intel 9th Generation Desktop (Locked) Processors Lineup

CPU Base Clock Turbo Boost Cores/Threads TDP PCI-E Lanes Unlocked? Cache iGPU Pricing
Intel Core i9-9900 3.1 5.0 8/16 65 Up to 40 No 16 MB Yes $439
Intel Core i7-9700 3.0 4.7 8/8 65 Up to 40 No 12 MB Yes $323
Intel Core i7-9700F 3.0 4.7 8/8 65 Up to 40 No 12 MB No $323
Intel Core i5-9600 3.1 4.6 6/6 65 Up to 40 No 9 MB Yes $213
Intel Core i5-9500 3.0 4.4 6/6 65 Up to 40 No 9 MB Yes $192
Intel Core i5-9500F 3.0 4.4 6/6 65 Up to 40 No 9 MB No $192
Intel Core i3-9350K 4.0 4.6 4/4 91 Up to 40 Yes 8 MB Yes $173
Intel Core i3-9320 3.7 4.4 4/4 62 Up to 40 No 8MB Yes $154
Intel Core i3-9300 3.7 4.3 4/4 62 Up to 40 No 8 MB Yes $143
Intel Core i3-9100 3.6 4.2 4/4 65 Up to 40 No 6 MB Yes $122
Intel Core i3-9100F 3.6 4.2 4/4 65 Up to 40 No 6 MB No $122

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