JSC meeting on tech/voc education


JSC meeting on tech/voc education
File photo: Independent Senator Paul Richards.

THE Parliament’s Social Services and Public Administration committee will hold a virtual meeting on Friday from 10.15 am.

The focus of the meeting will be “an examination of the state of technical and vocational education programmes and their contribution to achieving the developmental goals of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Representatives of the Education Ministry and other stakeholders are expected to be in attendance.

The committee is chaired by Independent Senator Paul Richards.

The meeting takes place before the House of Representatives sits from 1.30 pm.

On the House’s agenda is debate on a motion filed in the Prime Minister’s name, to approve the nomination of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Erla Christopher as commissioner of police (CoP).

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds is also scheduled to open debate on the Firearms Amendment Bill 2022, later in the sitting.

Before these matters arise, the House is expected to pay tribute to former NAR Princes Town MP Jennifer Johnson who died on Wednesday.

Johnson was Princes Town MP from 1986-1991

She was youth, sport, culture and creative arts minister in the then NAR administration of prime minister Arthur NR Robinson (deceased).

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