Kesha reveals she mistook her intense anxiety for a ‘psychotic break’

Kesha is getting candid about how leaning into her “spirituality” helped heal her extreme anxiety.

While chatting with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the “Tik Tok” singer revealed that her anxiety used to get so bad that she thought she was going through a “psychotic break.”

“I went through this crazy psychedelic spiritual experience in the midst of the anxiety … it was pure anxiety,” the 36-year-old said. “My brain felt like … I thought maybe it was the process of having a psychotic break or something.”

She wrote about the feeling, which she described as a sober “full psychedelic trip,” in her new album, “Gag Order.”

“I went through this crazy psychedelic spiritual experience in the midst of the anxiety,” the songstress told Zane Lowe.

Yet it wasn’t until she “started leaning into” those emotions and decided to actually address the problem that she found peace through spirituality.

“I’m a triple Pisces, I love weird, unexplainable, spiritual, supernatural stuff,” she explained.

“So after this happened to me, I went down a total — it’s my rabbit hole I’m currently in, is just the paranormal and also different spirituality, different things people believe in. I’m just trying to read about it because I feel like we’re all talking about a similar thing.”

Kesha album cover.
The songstress got candid about her mental health struggles on her new album, “Gag Order.”

 Kesha — who hosts an eerie podcast called “Kesha and the Creepies” — has become known for her love for the supernatural and paranormal.

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In fact, the songstress once said she feels “a cosmic connection between my soul and something bigger” when she is making music.

She was able to channel these feelings into another song on her album, “Happy.” In the hit track, the “Praying” singer opened up about her desire to finally feel free.

The Grammy nominee leaned into her “spirituality” to help heal.

“It’s about just that I want to be happy, I want to let go. I want to be free,” she told Lowe. “I want to trust the process, trust the universe, all of those things.”

“And I do feel like I cannot just remain in my childlike self. So there’s an element of having to grow up,” the Grammy nominee added.

“And I feel like this album completely documents the time where I was like, ‘OK, I have to deal with some s–t and I just need to walk through it, and it’s going to be really uncomfortable. And I feel like it’s really helped me grow into a woman, and you know, you hear it all on the album.”

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