Kojima Reveals New Death Stranding Tidbits, Teases New Showcase Possibly Coming in a Month

Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus were featured yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. In their panel, Kojima-san emphasized how Death Stranding will be all about reconnecting the world. He added that ‘everyone will be connected together as well’, hinting at some kind of online elements.

As we’ve known for some time, this will be an open world game and the legendary game designer of Metal Gear confirmed players may explore freely, a core tenet of open world game design. However, they won’t proceed in the story when they do so.

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For his part, Norman Reedus stated that his character in the game, Sam, will get to ‘play’ with lots of ‘cool toys’. He then added he expects people to cry as playing through the game they’ll get emotionally invested.

Last but not least, Kojima mentioned to the crowd he was sorry not to be able to show anything new of the game, but he suggested that might happen in a month or so. This is particularly interesting as on the surface it would seem like a clear reference to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, if not for the fact that Sony already announced it won’t be there (for the first time in E3 history).

It could be a hint that Sony is planning to do some kind of press event and/or livestream in the vicinity of E3 to showcase some of the PlayStation 4 games in development. We’ll see if that’s actually the case.

There’s no release date yet and it seems unlikely we’ll see Death Stranding this year. However, Kojima did say quite a while ago he expected to deliver the game before the Summer Olympics 2020, due to begin in Tokyo on July 24th, 2020. At this point, we’d happily settle for any prior date.

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