Komatsu adds PC230F-11 forestry processor

Komatsu adds PC230F-11 forestry processorThe single axial piston swing motor on the PC230F-11 processor generates up to 58334 ft.-lb. of swing torque. (Photo: Komatsu)

Specifically designed for forestry work, the Komatsu PC230F-11 processor with rugged high and wide undercarriage is capable of productively delimbing and cutting and stacking large trees thanks to a powerful hydrostatic swing system, large swing circle and 29 ft. of reach. The single axial piston swing motor generates up to 58334 ft.-lb. of swing torque for powerful maneuverability.

Power for the 67516-lb. processor is supplied by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 Tier 4 Final water-cooled, six-cylinder, direct injection diesel engine rated 197 hp at 2050 rpm. The engine has a bore x stroke of 4.21” x 4.88”, variable geometry turbocharger and cooled EGR aftertreatment system. In the event of a change in load weight, the Auto Power Max feature automatically senses the difference and reacts with a seven-second burst of additional horsepower to help pull the trees through during the delimbing process.

The company’s HydrauMind closed-center hydraulic system includes both load-sensing and pressure-compensated valves. The variable-displacement piston-type main pump is capable of delivering maximum flow of 125.5 gpm.

The PC230F-11 includes a quiet, climate-controlled cab equipped with Bluetooth technology and a cushioned air suspension seat that can be heated or cooled. The extra-rugged cab exterior protects against falling limbs with a 1.26-in.-thick polycarbonate front window and metal designed to withstand demanding environments. Other features include heavy-duty service undercover guards and rear compartment doors, and a right corner guard with a standard tree deflector.

Additional fuel storage is built into the rear counterweight, delivering double the fuel capacity.

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