Minecraft Education Edition Features That Should Appear in Other Versions

Certain Minecraft Education Edition features could make other versions more enjoyable and make it easier to find the perfect world and build.

Minecraft is a game that has grown out of its own shell and expanded into something that was completely unexpected. With its sight set on giving children meaningful education, Mojang introduced Minecraft Education Edition, a version of the game that allows students and teachers to participate in lessons within the numerous worlds. This could lead to new educational-geared video games releasing in the future, but for Minecraft, there are many features in the Education Edition that could make its way to other versions of the game.


Since Minecraft Education Edition is solely dedicated to the classroom, there are many features that would just not make sense to add to other versions of Minecraft. However, a few items, blocks, and options can elevate the base game, giving players not only something new to try, but also the chance to tackle old problems with new solutions. From items and blocks that could have great in-game uses, like chalkboards and balloons, to options that can get players into the worlds they want to explore, Minecraft Education Edition could share some features to change how players tackle tasks in Minecraft’s base game or even its spin-offs.

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In-Game Education Edition Features


One of the most interesting features of Minecraft Education Edition is the inclusion of a classroom staple, the chalkboard, which allows teachers to clearly lay out instructions for each lesson. For most Minecraft players, the chalkboard can help with building large bases, for example, giving them an opportunity to visualize the layout of the build and make changes without needing to break down dozens of blocks. The feature could also help players communicate with long messages in multiplayer servers without needing to use tons of signs, and could be used to track quests in Minecraft Dungeons or the upcoming Minecraft Legends.

Another item that would be especially useful is balloons, which are used in Minecraft Education Edition to explain laws of physics such as gravity. Balloons could be used in underwater Minecraft exploration, giving players an increased breathing capacity so they can stay underwater for longer without needing to resurface. The balloons could then be filled up once a player has returned to the surface. However, they could also be filled with potions, poisons, or even water that can be thrown similarly to a splash potion.

Education Edition’s Additional Features


There are a few features in Minecraft Education Edition that do not add any specialized blocks or items, but rather, allow teachers and students to enter specific worlds easily and view 3D models of builds within the game. The World Library could help Minecraft players immediately jump into some of the most popular maps and seeds in Minecraft without needing to go online and search for a download. This would make community-built famous worlds such as Skyblock, Mini Earth, and Kingdom of the Sky easier to access for players right from the game’s world selector screen.

Another big feature that could be added to other versions of the game is 3D Exporting. This tool allows players to view a 3D model of any location, block, or item in the game, making it especially useful for content creators who may want to show off large creations without needing to run around them. It could also make it easier for those creators that dedicate their time to giving the Minecraft community tutorials of specific builds. 3D Exporting can help them get a materials list quicker, show off each individual aspect or layer of their build, and could even help players understand the construction of buildings in Minecraft‘s spin-off games.

Minecraft Education Edition is changing the way lessons are taught, ensuring that the classroom remains a great place to consume knowledge while keeping kids entertained in the process. It is also a version of the game that has some extremely useful hidden features that can make life in Minecraft’s other versions a lot easier. As Minecraft and its spin-offs continue to grow with each new update, Mojang should seriously consider adding some Education Edition features into the other versions of the game and continue to give players fun, easy, and useful content to play around with.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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