Mortal Kombat 11 Mod Removes 30FPS Lock and Adds Ultrawide Display Support on PC

Mortal Kombat 11 has had a great reception so far, with Nathan summarizing his experience with the game as follows:

Mortal Kombat 11 is a first-class fighting game experience, featuring rock-solid core mechanics, impressive production values, and a story that wouldn’t be out of place alongside the summer’s biggest blockbusters. Of course, the game also suffers from some of the drawbacks of big-budget game development, including grindy customization and tacked-on microtransactions, but that stuff is largely superfluous. Beneath the triple-A fat, Mortal Kombat’s bloody heart still beats as strong as ever.

However, the PC version is another matter entirely (in a manner that cannot but remind Batman: Arkham Knight, also published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment). The average of user reviews on Steam is currently 54% and that’s mostly due to performance issues and other shortcomings specific to this version of Mortal Kombat 11. Luckily, PC gamers often roll up their sleeves and fix such issues on their own when developers are too slow or stubborn to do so.

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In this case, Endri Lauson already cooked up a mod to add Ultrawide (21:9) display support while also removing the game’s default 30FPS lock on intros, menus, Fatal Blows, Fatalities and the Krypto mode. Check out the showcase video below.

*What it does: *
• It removes the 30fps cap on the menus, intros, Fatal Blows, Fatalities and Krypt;
• It removes the black sidebars on the menus and Krypt for people who use Ultrawide monitors.

*How to use: *
• Unzip and open FpsCapRemover_by_Endri_v1.001.exe;
• Open the game;
• Press F11 to remove the 30fps cap and enable 60fps;
• Press F10 to remove the black sidebars (Ultrawide Master Race!!)
• ???

*Autor’s notes: *
• This game is amazing and _deservers_ to be played in 60fps;
• Fans deserve to have an amazing experience;
• I hope you all enjoy and have fun!

*Known issues:*
• Heads up: *DON’T PANIC IF YOUR ANTI-VIRUS COMPLAIN!! * It’s a false flag due to the nature of the program; it reads your key presses on the game (the HotKeys) in order to enable/disable effects. Anti-viruses _may_ not like it and _may_ classify it as a “key logger” (Windows Defender didn’t complain). The program also patches the game on-the-fly, so anti-viruses may not like it as well and _may_ classify it as a “hack”, a “cheat” engine or a “possible unwanted program”, PUP (again, Windows Defender didn’t complain). But I assure you the patch is completely clean.

• If you exit the game for any reason, you’ll have to close the program and start again prior to opening the game again, as it will have lost the previous game session.

• The Krypt is incredibly unoptimized and not even my beast PC can handle it at 60fps, so don’t expect significative changes there (unless you have a very high-end PC). But it’s certainly _better_.

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