Naman Mathur, also known as Soul Mortal, is a well-known Indian online streamer, mobile gamer, and esports player. The Mortal YouTube channel belongs to him. He consistently posts videos of gaming highlights and even streams PUBG matches virtually every day. He and his team, SOUL, have additionally competed for India in a number of national and international esports competitions.

Naman Mathur is the genuine name of a soul mortal. He was conceived on May 22, 1996. Aged 25 years old, he. Naman was raised here and is from Mumbai, the City of Dreams. He attended a college in Mumbai to obtain his Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree. Mathur used to play PS1 and PS2 games prior to the release of PUBG.

In 2016, Soul Mortal launched his YouTube account. He first began by posting Mini Militia on his channel. He published his first PUBG mobile gameplay on his YouTube account on June 20, 2018. He also used to publish videos with tips and tactics for playing PUBG, which helped him gain respectable views and likes. He uploaded a video titled “Every PUBG Player will Watch this Ending” in the month of October 2018. The video was a success because it went viral. He was able to establish himself on YouTube because of the 4.8 million views of the video.

Naman Mathur makes a respectable living through his YouTube channel. YouTube ads, contributions, super chats, and sponsored videos and posts are his main money streams. It is simpler to make assumptions about his earnings from advertisements than from sponsored films and postings. Donations also change over time. The approximate net worth of Soul Mortal is between 20 and 60 lakhs. The average number of views for Mortal is currently 773K, and its monthly earnings range from $50K to $92.9K. The figures presented are simply estimations and are not exact.

The estimated value of a mortal player in PUBG is $19,830.94. Since he won these competitions, he has earned this sum. His $15,000 top cash prize came from the PMCO Spring – India Tournament. Here is a complete list of his tournament winnings.

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