New PlanetSide 2 PC Patch Adds DX11 Integration & New Content; Notable Performance Boost on Compatible Hardware

A new PlanetSide 2 PC patch has been released by developer Daybreak Games which adds new content and DX11 integration.

According to the developer, the new DX11 integration allows for performance increases for all players on all types of compatible hardware.

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“Our continued quest for improvement has brought us here, after months of work and a coordinated effort from multiple departments throughout the company, we’re pleased to announce that DX11 has arrived in PlanetSide 2”, Daybreak Games writes.

“Players on all types of compatible hardware should be receiving notable performance increases due in no small part to this update, but others as well. Numerous third party software used by the game and our own internal Forgelight engine have been updated, and we’ve also restructured the way that assets are packed and encrypted. This results in not only a more performant game, but also smaller file sizes, and more security from cheaters.”

Aside from DX11 support, the new patch offers new content, including the Nanite Systems Operatives faction, the Refine and Refuel Continent Event, and more. Those interested can read the key features included with this patch here. The full patch notes can be found here.

PlanetSide 2 is available for PC and PlayStation 4.

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