Newspapers urged to support Wisconsin voter education campaign

It’s no secret that election misinformation is rampant. It’s an issue that has prompted mistrust in elections, voting access restrictions and a decline in public confidence. 

Newspapers urged to support Wisconsin voter education campaign

It’s up to election officials, civic groups and the media to oppose this threat.

That’s why we’re encouraging members to donate space to run a series of ads aimed at fostering a better understanding of election administration in our state and establishing more trust in the process.

The Elections 101 campaign, created by the Wisconsin Election Commission, kicks off on Sept. 26 and runs for four weeks. A variety of print ads, created by Multi Media Channels, highlight this effort and point readers to the Elections 101 website, which includes four short videos that detail how voting works in Wisconsin. (Lesson plans also will be made available for high school social studies teachers for use in their classrooms.)

We’re asking members to consider running one ad a week, starting the week of Sept. 26 and ending the week of Oct. 17. However, any participation is appreciated. 

Thank you for your consideration in participating in this effort to help fight misinformation and restore trust in our democracy. 

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