Nikon wants you to quit AI and take photos with ‘natural intelligence’

The big camera manufacturers have remained pretty quiet about the rise of AI image generators like Midjourney so far, but Nikon has now broken cover, with a campaign that encourages a return to “natural intelligence” in photography.

As spotted by Little Black Book and Petapixel, a clever Nikon Peru campaign shows a succession of stunning real-world photos, on which are superimposed the AI prompts that might have inspired them, had they been AI-generated. 

The campaign, which features the tagline “Don’t give up on the real world”, has been designed to steal back the photography limelight from AI image generators, which have dominated the headlines this year – even though there are plenty of things the likes of Midjourney and Dall-E still can’t do.

Sandstone cliffs in Arizona

An example real-world photo from Nikon’s campaign, complete with its mocked-up AI prompt (Image credit: Nikon)

While it’s the kind of argument you’d expect to hear from one of the world’s biggest camera manufacturers – Nikon still sits third in global camera market share, behind Sony and Canon – it will also strike a chord with traditional photographers.

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