Presenting the 2022 NJBIZ Education Power 50

Presenting the 2022 NJBIZ Education Power 50

Getting an education has never been more important – or more difficult – than right now. The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted learning across the spectrum – from primary and secondary schools to institutions of higher education. The combination of increased necessity with worsening logistics has created a unique set of challenges for educators and administrators at every level. The individuals listed here have proven themselves to be ready for those challenges.

Readers should see a variety of skillsets and expertise among these profiles, reflecting the continuing need to deal with the fallout from the pandemic, to redress historical inequities and meet the needs of the state’s important economic actors. So the list is weighted toward those working in health care contexts, in underserved communities and in vocational settings.

Fortunately, New Jersey is home to this diverse collection of experts. As education evolved along with the economy, these individuals will ensure that the next generation – and the one after that – will be equipped to move the state forward. They are producing new health care professionals to meet serious medical needs. They are ensuring that communities of color will be better able to participate in the economic growth most business leaders expect at least over the medium term. And they are imparting skills that will enhance the trades we all depend upon to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

So keep that in mind as you read these profiles and let us know what you think about the choices represented here. This list may be the most important such feature NJBIZ publishes because the individuals you meet will quite literally shape the future.

As always, the top 10 honorees are listed in numerical order; the remainder are listed alphabetically.

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