Save £60 on this Hyper X Alloy Elite 2 Gaming Keyboard from Currys

With Black Friday 2022 almost in full swing, deals are popping up left, right and centre on all things tech, gaming and more.

One particular deal is the HyperX Alloy Elite 2 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Currys, available for just under half price.

Striking out from the standard blacks and whites of other keyboards, this RGB-lit keyboard gives you a standout piece of gaming accessory to spice up your tech-life. Whilst it’s not all about visuals when it comes to tech and hardware accessories, it’s definitely an aspect that’s important to many gamers and avid PC builders.

However, it most certainly isn’t all about the visuals – though that can still be a make or break for many – but when it comes to function, this keyboard has good quality in droves just as Will Judd from Digital Foundry says, noting that it’s a keyboard he instantly fell in love with thanks to its pudding keycaps.

Speaking of, that’s one of this keyboard’s main selling points – the pudding keycaps are designed to allow the RGB-lighting to take centre stage as much as possible, with a translucent design that allows the lights to shine easier through the sides and legend of each keycap. Much like Will says, it “creates a mesmerising sea of rainbow colours” and it’s bound to stand out and brighten up your gaming setup.

The pudding keys on the HyperX Alloy Elite 2.

Outside of that, the keyboard features HyperX red switches for each of the keys, resulting in a linear feel when each key is pushed – it creates a soft-feeling and quiet-sounding keyboard when in use, perfect for a low response time that’ll be particularly demanded by many competitive and online games.

For miscellaneous features, the keyboard features a few as well, including configurations for different settings saved to the keyboard via its own dedicated memory, as well as adjustable lighting and RGB intensity controlled on the keyboard itself, making changing various preferences an easy process without the need of a complex settings menu. All in all, it’s a solid keyboard that’s well worth investing into, particularly for this price – a £60 discount from its RRP!

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