Shocking Video Shows 16-Foot Crocodile Attacking Zookeeper During Live Show

Shocking Video Shows 16-Foot Crocodile Attacking Zookeeper During Live Show

A crocodile named ‘Hannibal’ attacked a handler at Crocodile Creek farm

In a horrifying incident, a 16-foot crocodile attacked a wildlife park employee in South Africa who survived. The 660 kg beast attacked the zookeeper, Sean Le Clus, when he was sitting on the back of a crocodile in front of a group of tourists, according to a Facebook post by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. The incident took place on September 10 at Crocodile Creek farm in the KwaZulu Natal province, the post further said.

Mr Clus was in the middle of performance inside a pit with two beasts with him when suddenly a Nile crocodile named ‘Hannibal’ attacked. The handler has been taking care of Hannibal for over 30 years, reported Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. The video has gone viral on the internet of Mr Clus walking around the crocodiles before sitting on Hannibal. It was first posted by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation on Facebook.


In the clip, the handler can be heard saying, “This is the only crocodile in South Africa that I can sit on his back talking.” Further in the video, he is informing the crowd about Hannibal’s “60 cm bite area of 65 cm head.” The other crocodile can be seen walking toward Mr Clus, who exercises caution and gets up from Hannibal’s back. But in a fraction of a second, the huge crocodile turns its head and sinks his jaws around the left thigh of the zookeeper.


According to a report in Daily Star, Mr Clus has been bitten before by another crocodile because of which he suffered a leg wound that left him limping for 11 months.

Tourists shouted in panic after the lethal attack by Hannibal. A Crocodile Creek spokesman told The South African newspaper, “Sean had two big teeth holes in him but sewed them up himself and was back at work in 20 minutes. It was the first time Hannibal has bitten a handler and it happened because the female moved in on him and she can be very stroppy.”

The spokesperson further said, “Sean was watching the female and Hannibal just reminded him that he was there – if it was a proper bite then it would have been very bad.”

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