‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’: Bria slams ‘controlling’ Silas

The drama on “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” is heating up. 

In Page Six’s exclusive preview of Sunday’s all-new episode, Bria Fleming slams Silas Cooper as “controlling” during a heated confrontation. 

“OK, I feel like I keep on getting disrespected or put down and, like, it makes me feel uncomfortable,” Fleming says in the clip, expressing anger over Cooper disallowing her German boyfriend, Simon Marco, to stay at their vacation rental for an extended period. 

“Like, do you guys care about my relationship and how I feel and my love?” she asks.

Cooper then tries justifying his decision, telling Fleming that Marco’s intention to spend an entire week with the cast in Massachusetts was a “really long” time. 

A still of Bria Fleming from "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard."
Bria Fleming comes for Silas Cooper in Page Six’s exclusive “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” preview.
A still of Silas Cooper in "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard."
Fleming calls Cooper “controlling,” while he slams her as “manipulative.”

“And we’ve made an exception already because we love Milo,” he says, referencing Fleming’s beloved Dachshund, who became the crew’s unexpected canine roommate. 

“I can’t f—k my dog to get off!” she retorts back.

“No disrespect, we hear you having sex every f—king other day,” she continues, acknowledging the Army officer’s wife, Jasmine Cooper. “You can get off and you’re fine. I got what I got.”

Simon Marco and Bria Fleming at an event
Fleming is upset that her German boyfriend, Simon Marco, is not allowed to stay an entire week with the cast at their vacation rental.

Silas then reminds Fleming that he and Jasmine are “full members of the house,” whereas Marco was a guest. 

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“To keep it real with you, you’re manipulative. Whatever criticism we have of Simon, you’re going to revert back to, ‘Well, you’re racist,’” he tells Fleming, whose significant other is white. 

Silas and Jasmine Cooper posing in Paris.
Fleming believes the Army officer tries to “control” his wife, Jasmine Cooper.
A promo picture of Bria Fleming
Fleming previously clashed with the Coopers when she brought her dog, Milo, to the house without warning.
Stephanie Dianai/Bravo

A tense exchange of insults ensues before Fleming tells Silas to vacate her room. “OK, then get the f—k up out of my face!” she exclaims. “Go somewhere, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Fleming repeatedly brands Silas as “controlling,” echoing concerns from the “SHMV” crew that he has jurisdiction over Jasmine’s actions. 

“Just like you control Jasmine? Bye. That’s what everybody feels. Bye. You’re controlling. Bye! You’re controlling. Everybody feels that way,” she says in a tirade. 

The cast of "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard"
“Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” premiered May 7 on Bravo.
Stephanie Dianai/Bravo

“[Jasmine] likes to have a good time and you have a problem with it. You have a problem with her hanging out with Jordan [Emanuel]. Let’s be honest,” Fleming elaborates. 

“I’m manipulative? You’re calling me names. I’m gonna call you names back!” 

“Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

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