T-Force Dark Z 16 GB DDR4 3600 MHz Memory Is Available For $74.99

This T-Force Dark Z 16 GB DDR4-3600 MHz RAM kit is only $15 more than some of the more mainstream DDR4 3200 MHz kits currently on the market. This RAM is rated to be stable up to 3600 MHz, which is pretty fast for the cost of this RAM.

The T-Force Dark-Z is Fast, Cheap, and worth every penny for this 16 GB kit of DDR4 at 3600 MHz

This 16 GB RAM kit comes in two separate RAM sticks, which allow this kit to be used for dual-channel memory. There are some fantastic features of this RAM, some being the 3600 MHz speed with the basic voltage being just 1.35 Volts.

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The fantastic design of this RAM is another plus, and the heat spreader is all aluminum with many cutouts that allows for heat to be adequately dissipated, with T-Force’s logo being located right in the center of the module. The cutout and design do appear to minimize overall contact with the RAM modules itself, and the aluminum heat spreader is connected to the RAM module with the high thermal conductive adhesive provided and applied by the manufacturer.

The overall dimensions of this ram are just slightly more significant than the RAM module itself. The dimensions are 43.5 mm x 141 mm x 8.3 mm, which is essential to make sure that this RAM will fit next to your radiator if the radiator is mounted to the top of your case.

While this RAM is rated for up to 3600 MHz, it comes pre-configured for either 2133 MHz or 2400 MHz, which depends on the motherboard. Using the XMP 2.0 profile, this RAM reaches up to 3600 MHz, which is perfect for the newest Ryzen 3rd generation processors.

The downside of this RAM is the primary timings, and this is significantly slower when compared to other 3600 MHz kits on the market. The T-Force Dark-Z primary timings are 18-22-22-42, which is slower when compared to Ballistic Elite. The Elites timings are 16-18-18-38, which is significantly faster. While the T-Force Kit costs just $74.99, which is significantly cheaper than the Ballistic Elite RAM kit, which costs $169.99. This makes this RAM a fantastic deal if you are willing to deal with the slower timings, especially for the Ryzen 3rd generation processor.


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