The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2’s First Full-Blood Clan are the Brutish Brujah


Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will give players plenty of bloodsucking options. As we learned last week, players will begin the game as a weaker Thinblood vampire with three different disciplines available, but eventually you’ll be able to gain new powers by joining one of five full-blooded vampire clans. Paradox Interactive has now revealed the first of those five clans, the brutal Brujah. These guys are basically biker vamps who organize undead fight clubs for fun, so yeah, these aren’t the guys to join with if you’re looking for class and sophistication. You can check out an animated teaser for the Brujah, below.

Here’s the official breakdown of the Brujah and their two disciplines, Potence and Celerity:

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Among vampires, the Brujahs’ powers are as overwhelming as their convictions. For the player who chooses to join the Rabble, two new ancient Disciplines become available in addition to their individual powers from their Thinblooded past.


The signature Discipline of the Brujah imbues their undead bodies with the pinnacle of raw Kindred strength. Nobody underestimates the strength of a Brujah twice.

  • Fist of Caine – Potence’s first active power, allows the Brujah to deliver a devastating punch that turns walls into rubble and throws enemies through the air, tearing of limbs and causing collateral damage.
  • Earthshock – the second active power, smashes the ground with titanic force. The impact causes a shockwave around the player, damaging and knocking down anyone who dared to stray too close. After further upgrades, the ground cracks under the Brujah’s onslaught, sending fissures outwards and damaging anyone caught in this cataclysm.


Some Kindred strike faster, dodge quicker, and escape more nimbly than any mortal creature could hope to. They use Celerity, the Discipline of pushing their bodies’ speed beyond all limits.

  • Unseen Storm – the first active, allows the vampire to dash in a direction of their choice at such a speed as to momentarily disappear from view, allowing them to land attacks, dodge around enemies, or get away before the dust has time to settle. Characters struck along the way of the dash get knocked down.
  • Accelerate – opens up speeds so fast that everything else in the world appears to slow down to a virtual standstill. Assailants seem frozen in their attacks, cars crawl forward, bullets zip by lazily, and the vampire can get up to the kinds of stunts that, with a popular 80’s synth track in the background, would make an awesome movie scene. The upgrade slots allow the vampire to further improve their acceleration.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 stalks onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime in early 2020.

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