The World of Control Is Very Suitable to Add Things to It, We’d Like Sequels

Control, the latest project in the works at Remedy, is now less than four months from its release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game will be out on August 27th, as confirmed by publisher 505 Games just a few weeks ago following previous leaks. Two expansion packs, ‘The Foundation and ‘AWE’, were also announced to be coming at a later date. The press release said only that each expansion pack will add new locations, story content, side missions and mods to Control, but in the latest EDGE magazine (June 2019, issue 332), Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas Puha opened up a bit. He said the world of Control is very suitable to additions and the choice of 505 Games as the publisher was partly due to their willingness to let Remedy experiment with post-launch content.

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On a similar note, Puha suggested the folks at Remedy like the idea of sequels to Control. Of course, Control’s commercial success will probably be the decisive factor there.

[…] But let’s be real: Control is a relatively traditional singleplayer game. It does have a limited lifespan, in that sense. And nobody here is, like, overestimating what can we do post-launch to a singleplayer game. But the fiction of the game and the way the world is built is very suitable for us to add things to it. Control is a world that we do want to expand on, and of course you want to make sequels. And what we have wanted to do in the last couple of years, one of the reasons we signed with 505 Games – well, they let us keep the IP, but we also have the freedom to experiment a little bit post-launch.

On PC, Control will have optional raytracing effects (Ray Traced Indirect Specular, Ray Traced Indirect Diffuse and Ray Traced Contact Shadows) as a result of Remedy’s partnership with NVIDIA. It’ll be only available through the Epic Games Store for a year.

We’ll have an interview of our own with Thomas Puha up soon. Stay tuned for it!

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