This is the mic your voice has been dreaming of

The RØDE NT-USB mic changed the game for musicians, podcasters, producers and other audio pros – and incredibly, RØDE has managed to make it even better. The new RØDE NT-USB+ takes everything that’s great about RØDE’s class-leading mics and adds even more audio power. It’s the mic your voice, your studio and your setup have been dreaming of.

The ultimate mic for everything

The RØDE NT-USB+ is a USB condenser mic with incredible processing power, pro-level pre-amps and of course, exceptional sound. It’s the latest innovation from a truly legendary brand: RØDE has been at the forefront of audio technology for more than 40 years, and you’ll see – and hear – the Australian brand’s audio tech in everything from podcasters’ bedrooms to professional sound and video studios.

This particular microphone is the very latest generation of a much-loved mic. The first NT-USB was one of the very first professional recording USB microphones, and the NT-USB Mini raised the bar by introducing onboard digital sound processing. And now the NT-USB+ brings you all that and much more. 

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(Image credit: RØDE)

A Revolution in your ears

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