This Television Host Had To Take Politician’s Phone From Him During Live Interview

This Television Host Had To Take Politician’s Phone From Him During Live Interview

The video has gone viral on social media

British politician Kenneth Baker, 88, was a guest on BBC last night. Mr Baker during the interview was talking about the teachers’ strikes and Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs when his phone went off live on air.

When the phone first rang, the politician looked startled and joked that it was the Prime Minister and asked the host Victoria Derbyshire if she could switch it off, but it continued ringing during the interview.

The guest was left embarrassed after his phone went off four times during the interview. The video of the interview went viral on the interview. Scott Bryan on Twitter wrote, “Newsnight has gone into COMPLETE CHAOS as Lord Baker’s phone has gone off FOUR TIMES!!!”

Watch the video here:

In the clip, Mr Baker can be heard saying, “A week ago, ten days days ago, I told him. My advice to him is not to listen to my telephone.” And the phone rings, Mr Baker says, “Never mind”, he takes off his phone and put it on silent.

He continued, “Was this the man, who actually tried to avoid paying 3.5 m pounds worth of tax? I pay all of that through my PAYE, and so…” The phone rings again and the host asks him to hand over the phone to her.

Mr Baker then jokes, “He’s really trying to get through to me isn’t he?” the host said, “Someone is telling you to shush.”

The video has gone viral and so far it has amassed nearly 2 lakh views. A user commented, “Shouldn’t it be in silent mode? Guests to a TV program should turn off their cellphones or put them in vibration or silent mode, I think.”

Another user wrote, “It was fantastic live TV. My theory is that whoever was ringing was also watching Newsnight and was having fun having him on the radial. OR it was Conservative Central Office trying to shut him up.” 

The third user commented, “I thought Victoria handled this guest superbly. I suspect he won’t be asked back”

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