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Offline Android Games

As a child I used to be excited about winter vacations as it meant train journeys and travelling to another city and spending a few days away from the normal routine. The day or two days train journey was filled with catching glimpses of the dawn sky becoming brighter as morning came closer or even reading a bit but what excited me the most was bringing out the board games and playing the afternoon away. But, at most we could carry only one game per child and that too was limited to smaller board games like Ludo or chess. But with android phones and tablets, this problem is solved because you can carry as many games as you want without worrying about suitcase space!

offline android games

So, if you are travelling somewhere then to make your journey even more interesting, we are providing a list of Top 10 best offline Android games. These games have very little requirements and can be played without internet connection too. So, check out this list of best offline Android games and install the ones you find most interesting.

1. Ludo King by Gamotronix

What spells journey better than the game of Ludo with a hint of snake and ladder! This classic game is always a favorite amongst kids and adults. The fun with winning or sending your opponents back to their homes, or colors teaming up to make it more challenging, it is a fun game and a must have for every device. With offline mode you can use the play and pass mode or even connect devices to play via Bluetooth.  With the online mode, you can play with strangers worldwide and make new friends and even climb up the scoreboard ladder.

2. Subway Surfers by Kiloo

An arcade game and meant for one person at a time, this game is about concentration and reflexes. You have to save the kids from the oncoming train and a grumpy inspector who is giving a chase. Jumping from tracks to trains, collecting coins and avoiding girders and getting caught, this game is sure to set your adrenaline pumping and blood rushing! It is a great way to check your reflexes when it comes to the virtual world.

3. My Talking Tom 2 by Outfit7 Limited

Since its creation, this adorable cat has been a hit with kids and adults alike. Feeding your virtual pet, cleaning them and keeping them fit is your goal. While it is a solo game with no leaderboard to measure, it does come with a cool collection of games which helps the cat earn the coins for buying food and other items. Be it 2048 or Rocket Launch, the app is addictive and you can keep on playing unless the cat need to sleep. The online feature includes free videos which in turn gives you freebies like diamonds or potions which you have to buy with real cash otherwise. A latest update gives Tom a plane and free tickets to travel the world. Your adopted kitten surely does go places!

4. Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft

Physics based driving game, the goal is to help the aspiring uphill racer Newton Bill to traverse new and dangerous paths. With simulations ranging from Ragnarok to Artic and even the moon landscape, this game adheres strictly to the laws of dynamic physics. Collect coins, upgrade your car and even earn bonuses with daring tricks like midway flips and cartwheels but mind the gas and the brakes to avoid accidents! Addictive and fun, this is one of the best offline games available and you can even challenge your friends! You can even build your own car with the garage mode.

5. Carrom Pool by

Nothing speaks challenge like a good game of carom which requires a good knowledge of physics and mathematics. You can play both online mode and offline mode with your friends. The multiplayer option makes it easy for a person to either paly on the same device or different devices. The goal is to collect all the strykers and pot all your color coins before your opponent. With the online mode, you can access different arcade boards and challenge people worldwide to be a fixture on the leadership board.

6. Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios

With the great success of temple run, the launch of temple run 2 became an even greater hit. The challenge is to successfully navigate the traps and perils of the frozen land to reach the safety of the outer walls along with the stolen treasure all the while avoiding demon monkeys and supervillains. It’s a test of your reflexes and concentration as you jump the steep cliffs and run along the edge of the wall collecting coins and powers all the while battling for your life. Thrilling isn’t it? You can even challenge your friends’ scores!

7. Bubble Shooter by Bubble Shooter

A relaxing and fun game, the goal is to aim the nozzle at bubbles and match the colors. Three color match and the section is cleared. It is easy in the first but as you level up, the speed at which the bubbles descend increases. You need to clear the board before the bubbles crush the gun. Reflexive and easy, it is one of the most loved games available on the playstore. Kids and adults love it equally. What more, you can get this bundles with other games in talking tom too!

8. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games

If you have always wanted to improve your shooting skills and take down the bad guys, look no further than Sniper 3D. With an interactive gameplay and cool simulations, you are challenged against time to save the world. Find the target, aim, load and shoot and you need to save yourself too. An engaging game with realistic graphics, with cool upgrades and levels, it is sure to keep you on your toes while you crack the code to find the killer. A sure shot adrenaline rush for those who loves to play PUBG and shooter games.

9. Chess by Chess Prince

One of the oldest strategy games in the world, a game of chess will keep you engaged and send your grey matter to overdrive as you maintain a poker face while plotting all possibilities of check mate. While the movements of the pieces are the same, two special moves are added, the Castling which is a double move where the king and the unmoved rook switches place and the En passant where a pawn can take over another pawn under its area. Addictive and engrossing, this game is sure to keep you awake for a long time. You can even leave it to continue later as a game of chess rarely finishes within 15 minutes.

10. Candy Crush Saga by King

Just like bubble shooting, you have to match three same color candies to clear a space. If you clear the entire section or achieve the goal, you can unlock the next level. Addictive and great for offline mode, this is ideal to spend time when travelling alone and the distance is long. Simple game with cool animation and graphics, it also has a daily rewards to help boost your pantry.

Go ahead and add these to your tablet to enjoy a fun filled journey as you reach your final destination.

While connectivity is not an issues given the advent of Wi-Fi in trains and unlimited data packs in the tablets, offline games does not require the connectivity and hence does not face any lags and buffering issues which can be caused with the loss of the internet connection.

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