Vasya – virtual teacher of English v1.2.7 [Premium] [Latest]

Vasya - virtual teacher of English

The world’s first virtual teacher of English, and if you want to learn how to speak English, we definitely need to meet.

Unlike other applications, I’m not a trainer for memorizing words and not a collection of rules from an old textbook with me is possible and necessary to talk about the English language and other interesting things. All conversations are chatting, and if you want to talk to me on the same subject again, the already completed topics can be found in the Archives.

However, I am not only a chat-bot, I have prepared for you thousands of exercises on the understanding of the context and the special game mode ‘wall’ where you can spend hours to train the understanding of English comprehension.

And I have a bunch of exercises, in which you’ll have to talk, and I can not be shy, I sterplyu any accent, because I know that the focus – this is not the most important thing in a man.

But most importantly, do not it. The trick is not that what I’m fine, though, of course, yes, but in how I talk about the English language.

The fact that I am for clarity and efficiency, so my course is unlike anything you’ve seen. We are not going to learn English, we just understand it, because the English language is very logical, and all built in just three basic principles.

If you know the three basic principles, to deduce from them all the other rules of the English language quickly and easily. And you they will never forget, because it is impossible to forget what you yourself came up with and knew.

Therefore, no scary Perfect Progressive, gerunds, and other horror stories of textbooks in my course not – as there is in the minds of their native speakers, which it does not interfere speak fluently in English.

The main thing is to understand and learn how to apply the desired design, to remember their names and learn meaningless rules for the application it is not necessary and perhaps even harmful.

In addition, I chose an English only the most important and common – first of all we will deal with the rules and words that are actually often used in everyday life, and those turnovers, which were used by Uolt Uitmen, perhaps, leave aside.

And I will tell you about sustainable construction – because in many situations, native speakers use ready-made formulas and much easier to remember a few formulas, than to think every time how to say it in English.

Words and formulas we teach using the interval method of Ebbinghaus, and the rules, as I said, we do not teach, we understand them stupidly.

In general, I explain only the most important, explain simply and clearly, and still I have a lot of exercise (including on the question) plus a special mode for listening comprehension.

If you tried to learn English, and you could not – it’s not in you and not in English, download me quickly.

If you have not tried to learn English – it is very easy, just try.

Of course, after we met the first few levels are absolutely free.

Whats New:
A brand new and first ever virtual English teacher who explains in human language how English really works.

The rules do not need to learn more, and the words will be remembered by themselves.

Download for free now and show English who’s the boss here.

● Premium features are unlocked

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  • Вася — виртуальный учитель английского языка Screenshot
  • Вася — виртуальный учитель английского языка Screenshot


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