WD Black SN750 NVMe SSDs are Currently On Sale at Amazon

WD Black offers impressive speeds with the Gen3 PCIe M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs, which are currently on sale at Amazon. The Gen3 NVMe SSD is WD Black’s fastest Gen3 drive, which utilizes an NVMe interface that can deliver speeds more than six times faster than the current SATA SSD to allow games to load faster.

The entire WD Black SN750 SSD series are discounted up to 40% off the usual price.

The WD Black’s SN750 SSD Lineup is currently on sale at Amazon.

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  • 500 GB capacity model
    • This offers enough storage to install Windows, along with some programs to provide faster loading times and less unresponsive screens in those games/applications.
    • The 500 GB model is currently discounted by 40%, which makes this usually $149.99 drive, costs just $89.99.
  • 1TB capacity model
    • The 1TB model offers more storage allowing for many more programs to be installed alongside a Windows installation.
    • The 1TB model is typical $279.99 SSD is just $184.99 on Amazon.
  • 2TB capacity model
    • The 2 TB model is perfect for a small form-factor, offering both the speed and capacity to be used as both the main Windows drive, alongside being the primary storage drive.
    • This model typically costs $549.99 but has been discounted by 29% off, making this SSD cost just $389.99.

All of these SSDs are attached with a custom heatsink designed by EKWB, which keeps the SN750 sleek design intact. This elegant design allows this drive to go well with almost any desktop PC build that supports the M.2 connection as long as your motherboard supports the extra size that the heatsink requires.

Another fantastic feature that these SSDs offer is the 64-layer of 3D NAND, which pushes the limitation of storage and showcases the tremendous feat of NAND innovation. This allows these drives to support the data transfer rate of 3,400 Mb per second, which offers fantastic speeds.

The WD Black SSD dashboard allows the user to turn on the Gaming mode, which these drives utilize, and the Gaming Mode disables the system sleep mode to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience. The WD Black SSD dashboard also allows the user to look at the overall status of the drive itself. Along with the whole life remaining of the drive and the temperature as well.

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