Wedding planners portrayed Nicola Peltz negatively: new suit

Nicola Peltz Beckham’s wedding planners offered “no services of value” — and are now painting the heiress in an “extremely negative light” by dragging her into their lawsuit against her father, billionaire Nelson Peltz, according to a new filing.

Peltz, 80, is suing Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba of Miami-based event-planning firm Plan Design Events (PDE) for the $159,000 deposit he paid them — before firing the pair eight days later.

In fact, according to the suit, the mega-investor sacked PDE just six weeks before his daughter’s star-studded $3 million wedding to Brooklyn Beckham at the Peltzes’ sprawling Palm Beach estate in April 2022.

The latest filing by Peltz in a Miami court Wednesday, claims that he “justifiably” wants a refund, while PDE has refused to return the money. It alleges the counter suit is a “good old fashioned shakedown.”

Tthe wedding planners are now “asking for even more money for services that Defendants did not provide,” according to the suit papers seen by Page Six.

Peltz is also arguing to have his daughter, 28, and his wife, Claudia, removed from Braghin and Grijalba’s counter-suit, stating the planners were only in business with him.

Nicola Peltz Beckham and her lookalike mother, Claudia Peltz.
Nicola Peltz Beckham and her lookalike mother, Claudia Peltz.
Instagram: @nicolaannepeltzbeckham

A source close to the Peltz Beckhams — who have already been caught up in an alleged Beckham family feud over their nuptials — told Page Six: “Plan Design Event’s decision to target Nicola in her first year of marriage is nothing short of deplorable, especially when the facts show that she had nothing to do with the agreements made with [them].”

The source insisted: “Nelson is not a litigious man … he has not sued anyone in 15 years. But when it comes to his daughter, he will protect her always … He is a loving father who signed a contract with a group that couldn’t live up to the experience they sold him.”

The Peltz family ended up hiring Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations, who pulled the celebrity event together last minute.

“Despite the issues, they were able to pull off a once-in-a-lifetime wedding for [Peltz’s] daughter,” the source said.

The Peltzes threw a three-day wedding extravaganza at their $103 million estate, and were joined by 500 guests, including the groom’s parents, David and Victoria Beckham, as well as Eva Longoria, Gordon Ramsay, Serena and Venus Williams and many other celebrity friends.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham at their wedding
Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham enjoyed a lavish three-day wedding last April at her family’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida.
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Peltz hired PDE on a recommendation from a friend, Page Six is told.

But the new filing claims their work was so inadequate that Rishi Patel, the wedding designer recommended to the Peltzes by Braghin, swiftly told Peltz they should be fired from the job.

The court papers claim: “The Defendants attempted to streamline the guest list and RSVP process, but after eight days, could not even provide an accurate list of who was planning on attending the wedding.

Nicole Braghin (right) and Arianna Grijalba (left) of Miami-based event-planning firm Plan Design Events (PDE)
Nelson Peltz is suing Nicole Braghin (right) and Arianna Grijalba (left) of Miami-based event-planning firm Plan Design Events (PDE) for the $159,000 deposit he originally paid them for his daughter’s wedding.

“Over the course of several hours on March 4, after they purportedly had been working on the guest list for a week, PDE went from claiming that ‘we know what we are doing do and are on it’ … to acknowledging that they pulled the wrong information and needed to learn the RSVP software they were using. Grijlaba admitted that she hated ‘looking like a fool.’”

In their own counter-suit, the planners claimed that they “attempted every which way to get Nicola and Claudia to review the guest lists, but they simply would not cooperate … [yet] Nicola repeatedly demanded live updates regarding guest RSVPs.”

The new suit also alleges that PDE “failed to book a single new wedding vendor and failed to finalize the terms of the agreements with any existing vendors.

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Harper Beckham, Nicola Peltz Beckham and Brooklyn Peltz Beckham at a fashion show
Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz Beckham (far right) celebrated his mom Victoria Beckham’s (second from left) Paris fashion show earlier this month with David Beckham, Cuz Beckham and Harper Beckham.

“Even worse, PDE admits that Rishi Patel, a renowned wedding designer who was recommended by Braghin herself and who had only worked with Defendants on this wedding for a few days, encouraged and prompted Mr. Peltz to terminate PDE and replace them with a different wedding planner. “

The planners called Peltz a “billionaire bully” in their counter-suit, adding that he wanted to “cancel the wedding” and called it “a s–t show.”

But “Claudia begged Nelson not to cancel the wedding because it would ‘destroy Nicola’s career,’” the planners claimed in papers.

Victoria and David Beckham at their son Brooklyn's wedding to Nicola Peltz.
Victoria and David Beckham at their son Brooklyn’s wedding to Nicola Peltz.

Page Six have reached out to PDE for comment. Braghin told the Daily Mail, they worked tirelessly for the Peltzes, adding: “We love what we do and we’re good at it.”

They insisted that bride Nicola even sent them a gushing text the day before they were fired saying: “You’re killing it!”.

The latest filing claims of the PDE counter-suit: “Despite 50 pages of malicious and mean-spirited allegations, only a single count is alleged against Claudia and/or Nicola….Aware that its claim is frivolous, PDE shamefully attempts to falsely portray Nicola in an extremely negative light to entice the media and hopefully pressure Mr. Peltz to dismiss his well-founded claims against PDE. While this was tailor-made for the tabloids, it could not be further from the truth.”

The source added: “In this case, PDE is using sleight of hand to distract and divert attention away from the fact that they were incapable of delivering the high-level of services they advertise. We look forward to the swift dismissal of Nicola and Claudia in this suit.”

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