Wendy Williams appears healthy at first event since rehab

Wendy Williams appeared happy and healthy at her first public event since completing her latest stint in rehab.

The talk show host attended her former radio station WBLS’ annual Circle of Sisters event Monday night in New York City, where she coherently discussed marriage and wanting to “fall in love” again.

“I never deny it, and the first thing I think when I see men is, ‘Are they wearing the finger?’ ‘Cause if they’re wearing the finger, then that’s an immediate hello. But I can’t wait to fall in love, and I don’t want to get married,” Williams, 58, explained in a video shared by WBLS.

The “How You Doin’?” host requested her future beau to already have kids and preferably be either 10 years younger or 15 years older than she.

“And then we’ll be able to do things together,” she continued. “Like if we want to all of a sudden want to fly from New York City, if we want to fly to France to be there for two days to have food or whatever, I want to be able, you know, I could be qualified with a man that, ‘Come on, baby. Let’s do it. Do we fly private or do we fly public?’”

Williams left rehab in October after two months of treatment and said she was “better than ever.” Just two weeks later, the shock jockette shared a photo of herself sitting in her iconic purple chair while promoting her forthcoming podcast, “The Wendy Experience.”

“Good to see you in the purple chair❤️,” one fan commented.

“You look amazing Wendy! We are waiting for your return! Let’s go! How you doing!💜💜💜,” another chimed in.

“We love you. Your health and well-being is the top priority, please care for yourself,” a third added. “The way we treat ourselves should be the same as if it was someone we were caring for. 🌺💘”

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