Wii U PC Emulator CEMU 1.15.6 Version Released for Patreons; Reworks the Emulator’s User Interface

A new version of Wii U PC emulator CEMU has been released for Patreon backers which reworks the emulator’s UI.

At the moment of writing, CEMU 1.15.6 is only for available for backers, but the new version of the Wii U emulator will be released for everyone later this week on May 10. Aside from a reworked UI, CEMU version 1.15.6 removes deprecated options and support for conventional shaders. In addition,  CPU timer mode is now forced to ‘host based’, and RDTSC is always enabled.

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We’ve included the release notes for this new version down below alongside some videos from CEMU 1.15.6 in action:

CEMU 1.15.6 Release Notes

general: Reworked UI and removed deprecated options
Experimental menu is gone and RDTSC is now always on
Removed support for conventional shaders (always use separable shaders)
CPU timer mode is now always ‘host based’

general: Added UI to configure game profiles (accessible via right click on an entry in game list)
Includes option to set controller profiles (#17)

general: Added tooltips for some of the settings

nsyshid: Implemented HIDWrite()
nsyshid: Use packet maximum size provided by device instead of a fixed value
nsyshid: Accuracy tweaks in HIDRead()
These changes should improve support and increase stability for Skylanders and Lego USB portals

coreinit: More tweaks to MEM2 heap size to fix Lego games (#48)

As said, CEMU 1.15.6 will be released for everyone later this week.

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